All about Anti-Reflective Coatings on Eyeglasses

Anti-reflective coatings are also known as ‘anti-glare’ coatings and they immensely improve a person’s vision, decrease strain on the eyes, and make the eyeglasses look appealing. Anti reflective lens coating is recommended for people who are frequently photographed as it minimizes reflection from the camera flash.

Standard Anti-Reflective Coating

Standard anti-reflective coating, also referred to as ‘AR coating’ eradicates the reflections from both the front and back surface of the eyeglass lenses. Due to no reflections, the visual acuity is optimized because maximum light passes through the lenses with lesser distractions. This coating also presents a better cosmetic appearance as your eye lenses look thinner. Anti reflective lens coating is recommended for people who are frequently photographed as it minimizes reflection from the camera flash.

The Crizal Anti-Reflective Coating

The crizal lens coatings are the most popular anti-reflective lenses available in the market currently. Crizal coatings have adopted the latest technologies to ensure the clearest vision possible.

Following are the technologies possessed by the latest crizal coatings:

  • Scratch-resistant boosters to prevent scratches
  • The High Surface Density process (HSD process) in order to improve smudge resistance.
  • Slide-Fx which makes the water droplets slide off the eyeglass lens.
  • I-Technology which works as a dust-repellent

Crizal Easy

Crizal easy is a cost-effective choice which offers brilliant scratch and glares resistance, along with perfect resistance to smudge, which makes it highly superior to regular anti-reflective lenses.

The standard anti-reflective lenses usually block almost 18% of light, whereas, crizal easy allows a whopping 99% of total light to pass through it. This means:

  • Clearer and crisper vision for the patient.
  • Fights digital drain. There’ll be no headaches and irritable eyes because of excessive computer use or bright overhead lights.
  • Automatic oil and water repulsion.

Crizal Alize

Crizal alize possesses all the advantages of crizal easy, along with unmatched cleanliness. These lenses greatly prevent smudges, water, and oil from sticking, so that a person can enjoy amazingly clear vision all the time.

Major benefits of these lenses are:

  • Easiest to clean and stay cleaner for a long time, as compared to any other no-glare crizal lenses.
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to wipe away smudges, oil and water.

Crizal Avance

Crizal avance lenses contain all the qualities of crizal alize, along with the best durability and resistance against scratches. These lenses provide maximum protection against smudges, scratches, fingerprints, and dust that we encounter every day. It is recommended for patients who come in contact with dust on a daily basis. It is common among carpenters and contractors alike. The crizal avance lenses have low maintenance and they effectively combat reflections from overhead lights and computer screens which makes it a great option for patients who spend a majority of their day at the computer. It also greatly decrease glare from streetlights and headlights for safe nighttime driving.

Crizal Sapphire

Crizal sapphire is the most advanced and sophisticated of the Crizal series. These lenses provide optimum protection from the ultraviolet radiations, along with maximum durability, scratch-resistance, and cleanliness. Major advantages of Crizal sapphire lenses include:

  • Best appearance with the least glare so that the patient can stay safe from fluorescent lights and harmful radiations of the computer screen.
  • Highly cost-effective because of their long-lasting strength and great durability.
  • Best for children’s use as they are extremely easy to clean. Water, smudges, dust, and fingerprints, are wiped away easily.