Designer Aviator Sunglasses- Classic & Chic

Did you know that Aviator Sunglasses were first brought about by Bausch HYPERLINK ""&HYPERLINK "" Lomb (Ray-Ban), who initiated this line especially for the US Air Force Pilots? They realized the need for it when these pilots started complaining about headaches and altitude sickness during their flight sessions.

Ever since then, these Designer Aviator Sunglasses have gained a lot of attention and importance, particularly from celebrities, both in their movies and personal lives. A very popular example is that of Tom Cruise wearing them in the movie Top Gun.


These Aviator Sunglasses are dark, with reflective lenses which are made in a way that they cover the entire range of the eyes of any person. This helps ensure that light does not enter the eye from any angle possible. They have extremely thin metal frames and the original design consisted of G-15 tempered glass lenses, which meant that 20% of the light was reflected and the lens was natural gray.

Why Designer Aviator Sunglasses:

The most important reason for this should be that they actually look good and classy on people’s faces. They bring out a certain class in people which other types of sunglasses fail to do. They have their own unique appeal and style and most definitely create their own statement. This is why it is no wonder that these Designer Aviator Sunglasses have gained so much fame in the world of celebrity and art culture. You can see majority of the people on the streets wearing these.

Interesting Facts:

These Aviator Sunglasses were first made available to the military pilots and not the general public. Only a year after the availability to these US military, they were sold to the general population. This happened because of such an intense positive response from the public after they saw the military people wearing them.

Douglas Mac Arthur of the US military became the first person to be seen in those glasses when he was in the Philippines during World War 2.

These were the first sunglasses to develop and use an anti-glare lens which helped reflect most of the UV radiation and help protect the eyes better.

Designer Aviator Sunglasses have since then been widely accepted and have been used in countless movies. Apart from Top Gun, these glasses have been shown in the movie Skyfall, in which Daniel Craig wore them. Brad Pitt also wore them in the recent movie World War Z.

This much popularity of these sunglasses just proves that they look amazing. They are probably the only pair of sunglasses that are so popular because they are considered universal sunglasses, suiting almost everyone.