Ray Ban Eyeglasses: Coolness Defined

Ray Ban eyeglasses are the in-thing nowadays. Do you want to know why? It’s simple! Because they are so cool. Everyone is wearing them these days. You must have seen so many celebrities in Ray Ban eyeglasses frolicking around and having fun.

Ray Ban was founded in 1937 (YES, that old!), and is an Italian brand. They had started off with introducing their sun shades; and as those got popular, their eyeglasses came into existence as well. But what makes the eyeglasses so cool is the fact that the Ray Ban shades are very popular and great to look at. Since people got so used to the sunglasses, they started preferring the Ray Ban eyeglasses over other eyeglasses brands.

Ray Bans got a lot of attention and fame in the fifties. That was the time when everyone started noticing and recognizing them. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Bob Dylan were famous for wearing their Wayfarers around in their movies during that time. Two very good movies: Men in Black and Top Gun, also showed their top stars wearing Ray Bans.

How to Choose Your Perfect Pair:

Choosing your perfect pair of eyeglasses can be a tedious task, especially since you have to keep your face structure and your eye shape under consideration. But it is not all that hard. Here are few steps to help you choose your perfect pair:

Select one or two shapes that you like the best and stick to them.

Try on various glasses while staying within the same shapes.

Choose a color you like and you are good to go.

Why Ray Ban Eyeglasses:

Ray Bans will suit almost anyone, since they have a wide range to choose from, so they are probably the safest and coolest option. Since Ray Bans have become so widely accepted these days, you will not even feel self conscious while wearing them. They will make you feel completely at ease.

Ray Bans come in a lot of different colors and shapes now and they suit most face types. They are still the most preferred brand in shades and eyeglasses around the world. And if celebrities know how cool they are then you are definitely missing out if you do not own a pair. Let the world of Ray Bans engulf you and make you a style icon of your own. They will truly transform your personality and your friends are bound to get jealous.