Rimless Eyeglasses- The Universal fit

You must have witnessed so many people in your daily lives who only showed a hint of the fact that they were wearing eyeglasses. The best example is probably that of Steve Jobs who was always seen wearing those rimless eyeglasses. Do you know what made those eyeglasses so popular? A simple enough reason is the fact that they were without rim, which not only made them less visible, but also reduced the overall weight of the glasses.

Rimless eyeglasses have been around since the 1820s and have regained popularity in recent times. This is because of the many advantages that rimless glasses have over the normal spectacles with a rim. Firstly, the obvious advantage that these rimless glasses do not have a frame. They are just lenses, which helps remove the weight of the rim itself, hence making them lighter, and more comfortable to wear. This comfort, and the fact that they are less visible as compared to other lenses, has helped them gain a lot of popularity in recent times.

Rimless eyeglasses make a true fashion statement these days You can get them in a variety of shapes and colors thus, making them a hassle-free purchase. They are also available almost everywhere making them extremely convenient and you can shop for them online as well because they are so popular.


Although rimless eyeglasses have their negative points, such as the fact that you need to be more careful while handling them, they are mostly known to the good qualities and traits that they have. These qualities and traits are as follows:

They are known to be lightweight, especially the titanium ones

They make your eyes pop out, revealing your eye's beauty thus making them more attractive

Since the glasses are without frame, they, to a certain extent, camouflage into your face, so your eyeglasses are barely noticable

You can get high quality frames for a reasonable price

There is a lot of variety to choose from. For instance, you can go with oval shaped ones, rectangular ones and many others depending on your face structure and size

It feels like they are not even there

They are comfortable, easy and hassle-free

They make you look great and give a neat, clean and tidy impression

Latest style statement:

Due to their sleek and almost transparent look, you will notice everyone around you have started to wear these glasses without frames. From celebrities to TV personalities to your normal everyday people, these glasses have become a style statement.

Why not become trendy like them and buy these super awesome glasses. If you have not previously worn glasses, and are worried about how glasses will look on you and whether they will suit your face or not, you should try these glasses yourself. They are the best option for first time buyers because there is no risk attached to it. They suit almost all face structures and types hence are the safest. Plus, you have the added benefit of choosing from a variety of options.

Let the rimless eyeglasses be your style statement, and your eyes will truly shine from within.