Designer Sunglasses: Add Some Drama to Your Life

Soaps are fun to watch. They are nothing like real life but at times we wish they were. Without drama, life just becomes so boring. Every day of every week becomes the same. No one to think about, no one to dream about, and no one to gossip about! Even Facebook gets boring and dull without those fights where one ‘Caps Locks’ the other to make a point.

Nobody would ever admit it but they love drama and those drama queen girlfriends. It’s drama that we’re looking for when we head out for those spontaneous plans. Those annual parties, those hot dates and when we all dress well to impress the people we don’t like. Another way to add some fun drama to your life is something we learn from soaps only: a pair of sunnies.

Here are some ways in which a pair of designer sunglasses can add drama to your life:

Step 1) Get a pair of designer sunglasses for yourself. Make sure they make you look fabulous. Hire minions who keep showering you with compliments and of course, attention!

Step 2) Brag about the brand!

Step 3) Flaunt them. This you have to do in a very subtle way. Saying it out right would just ruin the classiness. Add some drama while you’re talking, you know those frequent moments when you say, “WHAT?” Raise your designer sunglasses a little over your eyebrows with two well manicured fingers and give them a raised eyebrow look.

Step 4) Did you know that it’s easier to lie when your eyes are covered? It’s just a fact! Don’t get any wrong ideas.

Step 5) Walk like a diva! Wear those shades and pair them up with high heels and a perfect outfit and head out. It’s your life. If someone has a problem, give them the ‘look’. Here’s how: just pull your glasses a little lower than your nose. Raise one eyebrow followed by the other. Look away! Put your glasses back on and walk the walk.

Step 6) Hit the beach. It’s about using the sun to your advantage. Get a little tan. But you don’t wanna spoil your eye area. Use those designer sunglasses to look hot and protected on at the beach. Remember, crows’ feet won’t look pretty five years from now, so if you don’t want to squint in the sun, wear those designer shades. They make you look stunning anyway!

Step 7) Don’t! And I mean never, ever wear them on your head. If it’s for a couple of seconds, okay. Minutes, no! Don’t wear them on your head. That looks extremely annoying. Ever seen any of the stars doing that?

Who ever knew sunglasses could add so much fun to life, eh?