Types of Women's Designer Sunglasses

What is glamour? It’s walking in high heels wearing that perfect shade of lipstick and pair women’s designer sunglasses! Shoulders back chin up and pout! Don’t let the sun steal your spot light.

A good pair of sun glasses doesn’t only let you look like the It Girl, it also protects your eyes and the area around the eyes from harmful UV rays. Good quality shades helps decrease dry eye issues as well.

The glamorous look you are trying to pull off doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg. Just buy a single pair. What is important here to get the look you want is to wear the sunglasses that go with the shape of your face and a color that goes with your attire. Here are a few tips that can help you choose your perfect women’s designer sunglasses.


For women who want to go for the classy yet modern look Aviators are for you. They offer the best protection by covering the whole eye area. The thin metal frames reflect an elegant and strong personality. Aviators from Ray Ban with golden frames and brown lenses look beautiful on women. Burberry offers some ‘must check out’ traditional styles too. Aviators look best on women with a heart shaped face and a big forehead and narrow features.

Cat eyes

Ray Ban Erika cat eye sunglasses are just the best if you want to get the luxurious and classy 1950’s look. They are for women who are bold and expressive! Something you would expect Katy Perry to wear. These horn rimmed glasses with a flared outer edge balances the wide jaw line for women with a triangular face and highlights the features of those who have a diamond shaped face. WARNING: while slipping on this pair be prepared for the paparazzi.

Oversized sunglasses

You can find some pretty innovative women’s designer sunglasses these days. Pictures of celebrities wearing over sized glasses can be found all over magazines and MTV. If you are looking for something you can wear often, oversized sunglasses from the 80’s are the best. The bigger the better? NO! That’s just a myth. Tory Burch has some of the best oversized oval and round plastic frames available in different colors. Prada Baroques are simply HOT! Just make sure you get the right size; you don’t want to look like you are drowning in those.

Wayfarers Sunglasses

Want to go for something casual yet fun? Go for Wayfarers. They are great with triangular and heart shaped faces. They come in fun colors, and give you a fun yet strong, something out of an action movie look. Classic wayfarers from Ray Ban with printed color frames and gradient lenses look really cool on most women. If that's what you want to go for ,this style is going to help you rock that look.

Enjoy the outdoors. Don’t let the sun bother you; wear your shades and look up. Your eye wear should be better than the best!