Men’s Designer Sunglasses -Guide to Get the Girl

Tall, dark and handsome? Well that’s not enough to impress a lady. You know what you need to go with that? STYLE and Confidence.

Why do women go all gaga over Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr.? They like their style. They each have their own unique style. Now we’re not going to tell you to act like them. That would just make you downright weird and a little creepy. Be original. Be yourself. Just better.

No! We’re not going to tell you to go for a makeover or a complete wardrobe change. Or make you go to big designers or hair dressers. All you need to do is to get yourself a new and stylish pair of Men’s Designer Sunglasses. And get the one that is right for you. You just have to learn from the men who do it right.

Johnny Depp

Large forehead, oval shaped face with a fun, crazy and brazen personality. If that is how someone would describe you and if you are bold enough to pull the look he pulls off, dare to wear Aviators or Lennon sunnies in shades of blue and purple. Wayfarers make great eyeglasses for this type, they give you a sophisticated and a smart look.

Tom Cruise

Those with square and rectangular faces like Tom Cruise can pull off any type of sunglasses but should go for rectangular and big Men’s Designer Sunglasses. Aviators look exceptionally good on this face type. Tortoise frames will give you a look class apart. Do not go for rimless shades. That’s just so last decade!

Robert Downey Jr.

A strong jaw with a broad forehead and a strong personality. Or just two words: HOT-NESS! Go for anything you like other than narrow frames. You are so striking any Men’s Designer Sunglasses pick will make any woman look your way.

Justin Timberlake

Are you someone with a round face? Full cheeks and round chins. Like Timberlake or Jackie Chan? Girls probably use the word ‘cute’ to describe you. Go for oversized frames, cat-eyes and Wayfarers. They will give your face a little shape making it look a little elongated. Avoid oval and circular shaped glasses AT ALL COST! Don’t blame us if she laughs at you for being ‘oh so funny!’ and friend zones you.

When it comes to women it’s all about the looks when it comes to men it’s all about style. DO NOT COMPROMISE ON THAT! So grab those shades get your groove on and head out with confidence. Your confidence and style will make her knees weak. Introduce yourself. Be nice and funny. And not only will you be able to impress her you’ll simply win her heart.