Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses? Make Sure You’re Not Being Ripped off for Fakes

You trusted him. And he cheated on you. You gave him all you had and what did you get in return? But honey, let us not only blame the guy who sold them to you, as you bought this upon yourself. Why did you buy them? If there was a Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses you should have checked first if they were fake copies or not.

How could you tell? It’s not rocket science, you know? It’s just common sense. It’s about picking up clues dropped by the fake one. Remember, designer wear can only be copied and never ever duplicated. Only people who are not aware of the basics of differentiating between real and fake ray bans fall for the wrong discounts.

There is no such thing as an exact copy. Those who manufacture fake copies skip out on minor details that can be used to tell if they are authentic Ray-Bans. Here is how you can tell:

Trust your instinct. Hold the glasses in your hand. If they feel light and of low quality, it is probably a cheap copy. Original Ray Bans are of high quality and are built to last long.

Check the LOGO. On a real pair, you will find the Ray Ban logo etched on the upper corner of the lens. The copies, on the other hand, have the logo glued on. The Ray Ban signature can also be found on the nose pad. Most fake Ray Bans do not have the signature there.

The rubber components of Ray Ban wayfarer are of high quality too. Check if they are soft or hard and brittle.

One very important thing to do is to check for the model number printed on the inside of the glasses and see if that model actually exists by checking it on the official Ray Ban Website.

You get what you pay for. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. You can get good Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses if you shop smart. But if the deal is unbelievably good, then don’t go for it as it is probably a fake copy.

Casing and warranty. A phony pair comes with a fake case and no warranty. It can be slightly difficult to recognize a fake case as they are easy to copy. But make sure it has a distribution seal which says “100% UV Protection - Ray Ban - Sunglasses by Luxottica”. Also make sure that the glasses you get is neat, well cut and without any errors.

Be smart but do not be a smart-ass. Try to get a good Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses but do check if they are real or are you just paying for something that is not worth it. Buy from stores that guarantee that they do not sell fake sunglasses.