Designer Eyeglasses - Making Nerds Cool

The Queen Bee, the guy who plays quarterback on the school football team, the cheerleaders, the bullies and the nerds. It’s amazing to see how nerds are climbing up the popularity food chain. It’s not only about high school; it’s about real life too. They are trendsetters now instead of being the ones who are bullied around. People want to look like them, dress like them and talk like them. Thanks to the popular sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’, science geeks are the new in thing. But it’s not only the show. Let us not ignore the role played by Designer Eyeglasses that is making the nerds cool and date-worthy.

Eyeglasses can make you look nerdy and cool. Wearing glasses can make you look classy as well. Glasses can make you look cute, sophisticated and nerdy. Select a pair and be a part of the ‘in-crowd’ and dare to be a nerd!

Want to go for the awkward nerdy hot look? Well then, before heading out tonight, suit up and instead of wearing contacts, slip on a pair of thick rimmed Prada eyeglasses and add some classy personality to the way you look. Trust me! They are out there, looking for someone sleek and smart and you will be on their radar.

For a more sophisticated look, both men and women should opt for rectangular-shaped eyeglasses. Some of the best variety is offered by Versace. With a neat hair do for men and a bun for women, you will get the “I mean business” look and great for office wear! Let your hair down, slip into something more casual and you are ready for a night out with friends. Nerd style!

Remember, your hair plays an important role in what you look like in a pair of glasses. Make sure to try them on or a similar pair if you are ordering online with different hair styles to see what looks good on you. Women should always try eyewear and sunglasses with their hair tied up and let down. The frames should suit them in both cases.

Women with high cheek bones should try out something more, like Cat eye Designer Eyeglasses . Those from Ray Ban and Dolce & Gabbana will give you that sassy and stylish look you’re not getting without those designer glasses. Be it at work or just a casual hang out, you are ready for it all.

Designer Eyeglasses speak for themselves. It’s not only about how you wear them, it’s about WHAT you wear. Learn to differentiate but never ignore either.